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Default Re: ** Post ALL Masturbation Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by Goonch97 View Post
Anyone here knows how to really shoot? Because I've been trying really hard to do it, but all I get is dribbling
You cant actually make yourself shoot, it just happens naturally. If you really want to, try not masturbating for a while and it will help a bit, or even edging builds up the amount of semen and the power of the orgasm, so that should help as well.

Originally Posted by Rrd31598 View Post
So I was just curious how far other 15 yr olds can shoot their load I can shoot up to my eyes and on a good night even further is that far? And any ideas to get more cum in 1 shot
Yeah, it's quite far. I can easily shoot 4 foot or so on a good day, don't worry about it. As for more cum, it's pretty much impossible, edging is the only thing that I can think that will help.

Originally Posted by dragonslayer 23 View Post
Hey im 11 and im able to masturbate and ejaculate 2 to 3 times a day is that normal?
Yes, its completely normal. Just a note though, you're not meant to be on here till you're 13- just reminding you as I'm not a moderator (Moderators- if I should leave you guys to sort it out and shouldn't be reminding people, telling people of the rules etc. just tell me and I'll stop.)
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