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I'm what you might call eclectic, though my faith is based in Pagan and Wiccan beliefs (Paganism is a wide range of religions and Wicca is one of them. Sort of like how Christianity has many different branches, with slight differences in beliefs). I'm not religious so much as spiritual; that is, I don't believe so much in a spirit overlooking us and, depending on how you look at it, even controlling us. I believe in the power within us all to change ourselves, change our world. Before we can change, we have to understand, and something I'm big on is realizing that the world is not all good nor all evil. Many pagans these days seem to have become so focused on proving to the world that we're not evil, that there is no reason to persecute us, and thus go crazy with the "white magick". But white means nothing without black to show the difference. As one of my favorite people that I've never met, Raven Digitalis, says in his book Goth Craft, "We cannot evolve without the humility to face that which we have pushed aside. Nature itself is light and dark, creative and destructive. If we ignore this in our own practice, delusion becomes kin."

My study of spirituality, discovering what I believe and can identify with, has changed my life. Something was missing for me before I found this, something huge. I've always felt sensitive to energy, and I've learned a lot about spiritual energy through my studies. I believe that by altering our own energy, we can affect that of others. Ever notice how when you're with someone who's pissed off, even if they don't say anything to you about it, you start feeling angry too? Ever hear someone laugh, truly laugh at something, and find that you can't keep yourself from grinning? It's the exact same concept. That's what magick as about (I use the 'k' not to look more goth-like, but to distinguish from the parlor tricks seen in magic shows). It's not about whipping out your magic wand and turning people into frogs, it's not like Harry Potter making a batch of Polyjuice Potion, it's not like the girls in Charmed with their big book of spells, none of that. One of the few guidelines to magick, is that no one is supposed to work a "spell" to directly affect someone else without their permission, and perhaps the "golden rule" of witchcraft is "'An it harm none, do what you will." Simple enough, right? Magick isn't an exact science, what feels good for one might be weird for another, and there is definitely no giant book of spells. I won't go crazy talking about every little detail, but if you want more info on the general Pagan and/or Wiccan religions, Google it. There's a lot of info out there.

Paganism is earth-based, and to me the earth represents life which is just so beautiful, so amazing. I don't fully understand it, where this beauty comes from, but I really truly appreciate it. I could spend days just sitting outside under a tree, listening to the wind, the birds, the insects, watching the sun and the moon shift positions in the sky... If I could build a house with a glass roof, I would. I like walls because they allow me privacy from those who might look in when I don't want them to, but I hate roofs, looking up to see nothing but that popcorn texture, flat and meaningless. I love to see the sky, to pick a random star and to just think about all the distance between it and myself. If I could travel to that star and talk to it about it's life, what would it say? To know the things that star has seen... one could have such an understanding of where we are now.

I love learning new things, I love finding something that interests me and researching it until my brain is saturated with facts and stories and ideas. I feel like I'll never be able to learn enough. I long to be immortal, not because I fear death (death will come for me when it comes, and that's all there is to it), but because I feel that one lifetime isn't enough. I want to travel the world, reading through libraries, studying ancient texts, observing the world around me change. I would never get bored of that. People have asked me "Wouldn't you miss your friends and family? Everyone you know would die at some point, and you'd be alone." As selfish as it sounds, I'd get over it. My boyfriend understands the way I see the world, he sees it that way too. We talk about our beliefs and both end up saying more-or-less the same thing every time, with little differences here and there but the main idea stays the same. If there was a way to become immortal, I'd take him with me. To have no long-term companions but him forever... I like having friends but he's the only one I could deal with forever, and if I were to only be able to have him, I'd be alright.

It seems I've strayed a bit, but the main idea here is that I don't have a set of beliefs you could find in any one source. I've got Pagan roots but don't subscribe to the Lord and Lady deal. I'm into Animism, but there's more to it. So I thought I'd explain a bit of what goes on in my head when I think religion. If I've confused anyone, I'm sorry.

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