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Not sure if serious that you think you know that.
Well, you've only had 2000 years to prove it... The null hypothesis is the correct scientific assumption until evidence is provided, and given the extent of scientific advancement, the lack of evidence is beginning to speak louder and louder.

It also brings solidarity and helps people. Of course there's a positive and negative to it.
I get that people derive happiness from their religion and I would never seek to take that away from them. I would personally not want to delude myself to feel better. As for solidarity, well that only goes as far as one's own religion, doesn't it? That's not real solidarity.

It does if they do it in the name of religion, or religion is the cause of it. That would mean the religion is doing "good".
I disagree. Jihadists commit terrorism in the name of religion. That doesn't make the religion bad necessarily (I could commit a crime in the name of cake but does that make cake bad? "In the name of x" is just a nonsense phrase that is totally ambiguous with regard to the rightness of x) just like doing good in the name of a religion doesn't make the religion good. You have to base that judgment on the doctrine; the Bible and the Qu'ran are morally reprehensible, THEREFORE the religion is bad.

Many are also helpful to society in bringing a moral background (if you look at most major modern laws, they can be found with a base in religion). There are positives and negatives and you're only looking at the negatives.
Also, you say "You only have to look at..." and then pick one of the most extreme examples.
I'm sorry, I don't think any books exist in the world that I would be less likely to want my morals from than the Bible and the Qu'ran. No, I'm not saying everything in the holy texts is morally bad, but if you think religions provide a good moral background then you are HEAVILY cherry-picking the text. Go and read Leviticus.

That's not an extreme example, that's a world religion with hundreds of millions of adherents.

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