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Default Re: Depressed about sexual confusion

Our Valerie ('Serenity') did a smashing sticky on this very subject, go read it, I think it will answer a lot of questions and hopefully put your mind at ease.

Sexual orientation isn't just about those thoughts or fantasies. It's mostly about how we see ourselves and how we see others, who we're emotionally attracted to. who we feel safe with, who we see ourelves growing old with. Sure, sex is there, but so are a lot of other important things, feelings and the like. You need all of that stuff to be gay (or atraight, for that matter). Just noticing muscles in a lad doesn't count!

At 14, so much is hormonal, everything seems sexual. It's easy to confuse those hormonally caused attractions and urges for something much deeper than just horniness. But, if you're liking your g/f, if you enjoy her and the relationship, chances are, it's just all those hormones confusing things. Give it time, try not to be too preoccupied by it, and it ill sort itself out.
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