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Originally Posted by bugen4 View Post
Unless you're injecting stem cells into your penis with a needle, there is no way that foreskin can grow back once you've been circumcised.
You're not tugging at foreskin, you're tugging at the extra skin that envelops your penis.

Because penises become erect and flaccid so many times, there needs to be extra skin so as to give some slack when you get an erection. If that wasn't there, your skin on your dick would tear the first time you got a hard on.

Guys who have been circumcised masturbate this way also, by grabbing the shaft and moving the loose skin up and down on the head, but its not foreskin they're grabbing, its just the extra skin on the penis.
Some circumcised guys have insufficient shaft tissue remaining and have really tight erections that can lead to ripping skin. I have a friend who is circumcised and his is so tight that a few years back, his skin ripped all along the raphe line. And tissue on the penis isn't extra at all, it's all necessary, all essential, and all functional.
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