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Originally Posted by highschooler View Post
Question: As a boy, I clearly remember having a a cut-looking penis. No foreskin to speak of. Now, as a 17 year old who masturbates twice daily, my penis has a definite foreskin, but one that is not attached by the frenulum and does not overhang. I know that we can't share techniques, but it suffices to say that my masturbation technique heavily involves my "foreskin." I have used this technique since age 13, but the foreskin only became a major part of it at 15. I wonder: can puberty cause your foreskin to regrow? Can tugging on your foreskin remnant during masturbation cause it to regrow? Anyone have a similar experience?
Unless you're injecting stem cells into your penis with a needle, there is no way that foreskin can grow back once you've been circumcised.
You're not tugging at foreskin, you're tugging at the extra skin that envelops your penis.

Because penises become erect and flaccid so many times, there needs to be extra skin so as to give some slack when you get an erection. If that wasn't there, your skin on your dick would tear the first time you got a hard on.

Guys who have been circumcised masturbate this way also, by grabbing the shaft and moving the loose skin up and down on the head, but its not foreskin they're grabbing, its just the extra skin on the penis.
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