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Originally Posted by highschooler View Post
I was circumcised at birth for religious reasons. I have no point of view either way on circumcision, but I find intactivists to be antisemitic and abhorrent.

Question: As a boy, I clearly remember having a a cut-looking penis. No foreskin to speak of. Now, as a 17 year old who masturbates twice daily, my penis has a definite foreskin, but one that is not attached by the frenulum and does not overhang. I know that we can't share techniques, but it suffices to say that my masturbation technique heavily involves my "foreskin." I have used this technique since age 13, but the foreskin only became a major part of it at 15. I wonder: can puberty cause your foreskin to regrow? Can tugging on your foreskin remnant during masturbation cause it to regrow? Anyone have a similar experience?
Ah....excuse me? How are intactivists who stand up for equal protection under the law anti-semetic and abhorrent? Are not boys deserving of equal protection to their whole intact fully functioning and sensational genitalia? Is it not anti-Muslim for people to oppose female genital cutting when in the Hadith it is recommended for daughters as it's pleasing to Allah? Should we stand up for the right of parents to cut both male and female genitals, or should we stand up for protecting the children and their rights to genital integrity and religious freedom? Freedom of religion includes freedom FROM religion.
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