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1 None. No political parties properly represent my views.
2 I lean right
3 Depends on the circumstances, and WHO is wanting the abortion.
4 I'm willing and ready to try new things, but I'm firm in my beliefs.
5 Not good change. But again, that is entirely based on opinion.
6 In the first stages, yes. Establishing a pro-US government and the result of policing there has been disastrous, and only turned more people against us.
7 No
8 We've been in worse, however the administration should be taking more steps to recover.
9 Victory is unattainable, however we must secure the safety of our citizens.
10 Speaking to people in person, yes. Realistically and politically, no.
11 No
12 N/A
13 Depends on how serious the Benghazi and IRS scandals get.
14 Fascist Dictatorship, historically speaking. Otherwise, the most desirable is a Democracy where only the educated can participate.
15 Yes
16 Depends on who it is against, and why
17 Under certain circumstances, yes
18 Racist, yes. Narrow-minded, no.
19 Would a woochucker chuck wood if wood chucked a woodchucker?
20 Steve McManus
21 Bob Corker

22 Male
23 I'm white
24 17
25 Upper middle-class
26 Bi/Zoosexual

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