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What your mom is doing is costing her a TON of money
like ALLOT so I dou't she'd do it just to be mean to you.
She could easily tourter the crap out of you with it costing her very very little

So logically she's doing this to help you NOT to be mean.

"I stopped loving her when I figured out she was crazy, and that her expectations for life were so far from what they should be its insane."

She's your mum, you love her dosen't matter what she does

"She claims ive broken her heart by doing this, but i know its a guilt trip shes putting herself through. Shes trying to make me feel bad for her, but its not working. I dont feel any love for my mother, she owns me for one and a half more years, and shes gona spend every second and every dolar trieing to beat her love into me."

........I'd do the exact same thing she's doin

You're mum is way smarter then you
I know because mine is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter then me
Everytime she's told me to do something or warned me about something and I don't do it or I ignored her, I get burnt real bad
Then she comes, bails me out, I learn and then the process continues as I make other mistakes and learn

Pinklink I'm sorry that happened to you
If you ever need to talk to anyone I'm here okay

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