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Before I start: if you are religious, I am not trying to insult you, I am simply stating why I MYSELF do not "beleive"
For me the world is just the world how I see it. In my imagination I can make many great thoughts for it, but in the end, its just the same old world. Everything makes sense, everything is put together in a logical way. But for me this does not mean there is a god.
For example: how did the universe come to existence?
Some say big bang, some say god. But isn't it just the same? Both the Big Bang and "gods creation" cannot be explained. Both leave me with the questions:
-Where did the big bang come from?
( If you answer "god' i can just say: )
-Where did "god" come from?
If you answer god didnt come from anywhere because time didnt exist yet, cant I say the same thing about the big bang?
The fact is that the creation or existence of our universe cant simply be explained.
I whould rather come up with some complicated solution that provides a different look on everything then just say `god` or `big bang` ya know?
Anyway, sorry for the long rant.

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