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1. What political party do you support? None in particular
2. Do you consider yourself far right, far left, or independent? Very far right
3. Are you pro choice? No
4. Do you consider yourself open minded? No, I am confident in my ideas, so I see no need to be open minded.
5. Are you opposed to change? Only if it is bad change
6. Do you support the war in iraq? I believe we should ramp up the troop count, and use the middle east as a launching base for an American Empire
7. Do you support the obama administration? No
8. Are you satisfied with the economic state of the US? Definitely no
9. Do you support the war on terror? Yes
10. Are you tolerant? Depends on what I'm tolerating, so I geuss this is no.
11. Are you christian? Yes, but not a good one
12. If yes to 11, do you see non-christians as inferior? No
13. Should Obama be impeached? Democracy is inherently flawed, he can't be blamed for its failures
14. Most effective form f government? One-party authoritarian dictatorship
15. Open to stem cell research? Yes
16. Support the draft? Yes
17. Gay marriage/civil unions legal? No, they are a disruption to a productive society
18. Friends call you racist or narrow minded? Sometimes, yes
19. Wood chuck chucks how much wood? 587 pieces per day, Monday through Saturday
20. Representative? Im not completely sure
21. Senator? Same as above, I really need to look these up

22. Male or female? Male
23. Minority? No
24. How old? 15
25. Rich, middle, poor? Middle
26. Orientation? Straight
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