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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Sure. . . I mean, if you have never experienced something you can't feel how it is like. That's why at least some people get cut at young age. . . then they wouldn't understand any "difference". Coz if you are uncut at later age you might as well feel something different if you were circumcised and it wouldn't be something you would desire. But this is something that almost never happens and the reason why people saying theirs is better is not valid, coz they have never tried the "other way". Everyone's happy with their penises. . . and everyone is so proud that if you are cut you want your kids like that and if you aren't you want them uncut.

Just accept it and understand that, after all, it's your penis and it is unique the way it is... and hell it makes you feel amazing!
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