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[QUOTE=chrisf55;2298838][QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]I'm an atheist and you are wrong.
Typical way Athiests start a sentence.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]We don't know how things were created (If you are talking about the Universe as a whole)
I wasn't.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]But the reason I'm an atheist is
Never asked you why, you responded to me.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]that I don't believe a God exists, but I don't believe a God exists, as apposed to me believing a God doesn't exist.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]The difference here is that the 2nd one makes a claim as appose to the first one doesn't.
Still wut.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]If somebody tells me a God exists, in order to verify it using proper verification methods, (Such as burden of proof)
you have to be able to prove that a God exists.
Or, you could just not be a jerk and let them believe a God exists, instead of asking for proof.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]Same thing with anything else such as if you wanted to make a claim that Bigfoot exists, you can't prove that he doesn't exist, but you can't prove that he exists either, therefore you don't believe he exists (I hope) because you have no such evidence to believe in such.[QUOTE]
(I would probably understand you better if you used better grammar, and didn't make your sentences a complete mess.) You contradicted yourself in writing this, because if you can't prove that something exists, that's proof enough that it doesn't exist.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]I apply this same thing to God, a God may exist, it is possible, but I have no proof that one does exist, any even if one did exist, there is no way for me to know if it is a God of the mainstream religions (Such as Islam, or Christianity) a God of any sort of religion in human history, or a God of any religion that we know of at all.[QUOTE]
If you were able to receive proof that a God exists, (like you said you couldn't) you would also know which one it is, since the proof would provide enough information.

[QUOTE=chargersfan;2298796]So I take the default position of not believing in any Gods until I get undisputed evidence.
I don't see why you even said 'until' in this sentence, you will never have undisputed evidence. That's why religions are called beliefs, because you believe in them, not because there is undisputed evidence, but because you think it is right.

If you'd look back on the post you quoted me on, you'd see that I never said 'Everything', I said 'things'. And by 'things', I mean theories like how our planet was formed, which I believe to be true because there is nothing to prove it wrong.

Good job trying to correct me though.
I actually did say if you were referring to the Universe as a whole because I wasn't positive. And just because there is nothing to prove something wrong doesn't mean it's right as I explained in my last post. If you are talking about the Big Bang Theory or Evolution, a lot of Christians (Old-Earth Creationists) will tell you that it did happen but that God had it happen that way. I just say that there is no way to know that.


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