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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Hello guys!

Well... this is all my opinion. Being cut is kind of a cultural tradition (or religious as well). They normally said it's cleaner (well, at least your glans will always be clean). Having foreskin is not a problem... they say you can get an infection, but that only happens if you don't clean your glans regularly (smegma is a good for bacterial development, that's why you are supposed to remove the spare smegma when "cleaning" your penis). So, it's not like you are doomed to get an infection if you are uncut. I would like to ask, how many people here have had problems with their foreskin? I bet a few, if any.

Well... being cut as a kid is no problem (except the pain, which you don't remember). The same Jesus was circumcised 7 days after he was born.
But when you masturbate, how can you say you feel better uncut or cut? If you are cut you don't even know what an uncut orgasm feels like... so you cannot say it feels better. Even if they tell you that, how can you describe pleasure or even compare the pleasure felt? If you are based on people saying being uncut feels better then you should just not say it... it's their opinion, not yours. Think about a cut person right now. . . what do you think their orgasm is like? How can you imagine a lower-level orgasm?. . . you cannot even imagine nor describe it. As for cut guys: How could you imagine an uncut's boy orgasm? Think about an orgasm being better. . . can you even understand how would it be "better"? In what sense would it be better? The only sensation they have is that their glans is being covered by skin while they have the orgasm and then it can stimulate that area during that time. Then... how can you say it's better?

Whenever you say (normally cut guys) you would like to be different try to focus on how would the experience be different. . . in what sense would an orgasm be better. Having one is the best sensation in the world, being cut or not. Why do you ask for more glory?

And after all, it's all about masturbation. And when you are an adult, you normally have sex XD (yeah, I know you masturbate too). But yeah, it's my opinion.

Sooorrryyyy for the long text
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