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Why dont I like them?

1. Thier music sounds like stereotypical emo/poppunk schlock

2. Their lead singer sounds like a pre-pubescent 12 year old and has obviously had no vocal training of any kind. His voice is EXTREMEMLY whiny and annoying

3. Their lyrics, for the most part, are angsty emo BS, which is exactly what attracts girls. How have they not noticed that its NOT TRUE! THEIR LIVES DONT SUCK THAT MUCH! And the lyrics ARENT DEEP! THEYRE STUPID!

4. My sister went to one of their shows and brought back pictures...they had an old beat up piano with bumperstickers and shit all over it, and the guy was dressed up in such a stereotypical "deep punk emo" outfit it was saddening

I give up. When people consider this image-driven P.O.S. music is actually music, music is dead.

This isnt the only thing that isnt music. Here's what else isnt music:

-The genre "Noise"
-The "Hardcore" Genre where a guy screams over the same 2 powerchords for 3 minutes
- Rapping. Now keep in mind I have extreme respect for rappers, and rapping requires real talent (unlike the above 2), but it's not musical, its a thing within its own

I give up, good music is virtually dead.
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