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Default Re: Rate Your Sexuality

I'm a 3. Guys are good, but girls are quite attractive in their own way as well.

Originally Posted by biggins21t View Post
ok im a 2 .
is this a problem.
I just seem to notice guys that are jacked and ripped and STACKED (and that can really get me going let em tell you!!!!) but i defenently love women. is this bad.
I can get off to guys but only cuz i imagine myself(3") as them. (usally there huge) but i always see myself as them fucking a chick???? I sthis bad. How can i decide?

im defently against gay marriage though
and could never do anal
i could fool around with a dude
both would be gloriuos
maybe once i get some girl play it will all sort out!
No, it's not bad. There's nothing wrong with a little curiosity, and certainly nothing wrong with imagining yourself as having the body of another guy. Everyone has something they'd change about themselves, and by imagining yourself as closer to your definition of "perfect" (on the outside, at least), you feel better about yourself and thus have an easier time masturbating. Don't worry, you'll figure yourself out.

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