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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Pre-puberty -- I was essentially a Tomboy [minus boys pants socks and underwear] and I seemed like one of the boys [my twin bro and Caleb have been my best friends through life] and I shunned girls. Between some guy violating my boundaries and being bullied for allegedly being a lesbian [never did anything with a girl then] in 3rd grade -- I went through extensive counseling and at that point I figured I was a boy trapped in a girl's body. Once puberty hit -- I began to dress more like a girl and I developed attractions to both genders and when I realized I was likely bisexual -- I cried to dad & mom -- Caleb -- and my twin and before I could say the problem they blurted out that I was either gay or bi. Pretty supportive family -- 3 close female friends -- and now 2 year boyfriend [Caleb] have stuck with me.

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