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Default Re: Shaving Poll

I've been shaving "down there" for about 6 months-ish now, mostly because I just don't like the look of the hair. After the first time I shaved I thought I'd made a huge mistake. I hadn't been able to get a clear view of the area since I was about 9, due to the hair, so it looked really weird to me, and it was a little scary how dramatic the difference is. I let it grow back in, and then decided to shave again and I've kept it up since.

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Thanks. But how bad is it? Is it just like mildly annoying or is it constantly frustrating?
Some tips: Use hair conditioner as a substitute for shaving cream. I don't know why, but it seems to make the skin smoother, and cut back on the itch a bit. And try to rub some Neosporin on the skin directly afterwards. Rub in all different directions, with the grain, against the grain, in circles, whatever. This helps discourage ingrown hairs, and the moisture helps with itching too. In the end though, you just gotta decide if it's worth it for you or not.
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