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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
For some, it's about their own insecurity with themselves, they need to attack the 'other' in order to feel better about themselves.
No kidding.

There are two reasons people would take interest in your penis:

1. They want to sleep with you.
2. They have serious insecurities.

If someone is going on about how "sorry they feel" for you with something that you're happy with...chances are it's #2.

[Feel free to ignore the crap past here; it doesn't really matter]

Aside: I personally don't think you should base a decision about a kid on your experiences. It's not like enjoying/hating being cut is genetic. But there was a topic in VT's version of the Debates Forum about that kind of we should probably not continue it here, especially since the OP didn't ask for advice on that. Plus, I'd have to get into geeky medical study stuff when it comes to the "ounce of prevention" matter. And you're 16, so God hopes it isn't relevant any time soon.

(No glove, no love! Or whatever my sixth-grade health teacher said. )


"I don't believe in magic. But I do believe in interpreting coincidence exactly the way you want to." -Sherman Alexie

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