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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by looloo View Post
im uncut and after masturbation do all of you uncut people roll it back and unroll it and find a residue like thing left behind in your glans?
If you don't wash semen from your skin (whether under your foreskin or elsewhere) a residue will remain.

Originally Posted by biggins21t View Post
God idk why but i think i would love to be uncut. I am cut and its ok i jst here that uncut feels a ton better. are there still any health reason for being cut? i dont want to kids to get the knife,,, i dont think.
That's very debatable. I personally don't think either the benefits or downsides are that much greater than each other, so I think it should be an individual choice (which is why I agree with you about being against infant circumcision).

If it were me...try to be happy with what you have. It works, and you enjoy it, right? Feelings about its morality aside, it's still a penis and still is plenty of fun.


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