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Yes it would if you stick things up there too far.

You need to be careful. If your not something could get stuck up there for good! I am not sure if the anus does contract during ejaculation because I've never felt it happen.\

Here is a good technique you could use without the anus. Take two fluffy pillows and put them on top of each other. Take a pair of comfortable boxers and tie them to your penis and put a Kleenex at the tip. Now just put your penis in between the pillows and just pump. It's a hand free technique on that I'm going to try out tonight.

Another good one is the banana peel since the wetness can make a good lube but I wounldn't recommend it since it's really sticky and causes pain if it gets in to your pubic hair.

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Hello again VirtualTeen. you blackhole.

No tears to cry
No feelings left
This species has
Amused itself to death

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