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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Penis Size Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by looloo View Post
like from where do you measure your penis size is it from your belly or from the visible part of your penis?
this has been bugging me for a long time
i don't know whether my measurement is right
Read first post of this thread.

Originally Posted by biggins21t View Post
geese looking through, you guys alll seem to be my age or older and stacked. though i dont think i have taken on full puberty yet. but in 3" when erect (hopefully only right now) Im a bit bigger and i have seen that when i go through heavy stages of exercise, things start to hapen but mostly i cant cuz im too busy with extra curricular to make sure i go to the gym and get jacked(both ways

do you think it will ever happen? Any ideas to help? Also any time im naked i get hard. there seems to be a thrill form it. Sucks cuz i have gym next semester
It will happen eventually, just give it time.
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