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Originally Posted by Doc. View Post
I am Agnostic, there is no factual evidence supporting a omnipotent, all powerful being (or beings) and to me, faith isn't good enough. In my mind, religion is a tool. Something dictators use to sway people with or pit them against each other. It provides a crutch for those who can't stand up and say "this is my fault." It does have good aspects though, it provided sanity in a lawless, unstructured and confusing time throughout the history of the world. It also explained things that (at the time) where unexplainable. However, science now has an answer to almost absolutely everything. Leaving religion and its vague and misguiding answers obsolete.
Yeah most people say that '' science has the answers for almost everything ''

But when you open your little eyes you notice that this factual science changes once in awhile, and that most of it is just an assumption as a theory not a fact.

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