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Default Re: What kind of voices do you hear?

Well, I'm not diagnosed with schizo(though it does run in my family), but I do have BP and before I was on meds I would see and hear things to a degree.

The latest that I've had any problems was back in November when I would be driving and I could hear something screaming to run my car off into the ditch or head on to a semi truck that I was passing. I've also had, in the past, moving shadows following me around the house screaming at me. According to my mom, I'd usually end up curled up in the bathtub, fully dressed with cold water running, plugging my ears, crying, telling them to stop.

This one I cannot recall at all besides snapping out of it and a friend telling me what happened: as he put it, I was in a hyperactive state, chasing jesus around the garage, throwing things at him(funny since I'm an Atheist), and in a drawer i found a music tape that said "Jesus Loves You" in the kitchen. Apparently I took it out into the garage, busted it with a hammer, had my friend hold it and I was spinning around in circles entangling my body in it. When the tape ran out, I was sitting on the floor, laughing like a madman, talking to something that wasn't there. All I remember was waking up on the garage floor with my friend sitting there staring at me, and I did have the music tape on. I asked him what happened, and that's what he told me.

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