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I sit and wonder why…
What motivates a person to allow their rights to be ignored?
How can a person not seek to alter the pattern?
To find rhythms of the events and work to change the outcomes
To push back and respect themselves and their rights
Where the thought that love has anything to do with violence?
Why is it your responsibility to protect the abuser?
In not pushing back where is your worth in anyone’s eyes.
Value is as value does, if we do not value ourselves then how can we expect others to see value?
Where is accountability, why should you decide who needs to be accountable and who does not?
Love does not remove accountability, responsibility, respect, fairness, and reason.
Love is all giving, all caring, all respecting, all finding value and cherishing the object that returns your love.
Where does abuse come into this…absolutely nowhere…so what is it you are protecting?
It has nothing to do with love…
Look inside and find out what it is and why you need to allow yourself to accept abuse and call it love and make excuses for what is happening.

The toughest road to walk is the one that leads you down acceptance for taking responsibility for the right decisions. You know that the right decision is to never allow anyone to raise a hand to another human being in anger.

Wear bangles and allow the noise of movement to be a constant reminder that no one ever, ever, ever has the right to raise a hand in anger to another human being.

So taking the beatings and remaining silent is the easy way out.

So I say to you go inside your head and take a look at what this scab in your intellect that says this is okay is really hiding. Then gather your courage and pick off the scab and look into the abscess that you have allowed to grow inside your intellect examine it and then begin the process of cleaning it out so that the wounds that say it is okay to allow anyone to hurt you in this way is okay and begin the process so you can heal and rebuild.

Picking up the phone is not a betrayal to anyone…not picking up the phone is a betrayal to yourself. You have the right to be true to yourself…

{As odd as this sounds my mum wrote that....I'll explain everythin on msn}


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