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Default Re: Shouls Britain join the Euro currency.

Originally Posted by britishboy View Post
we pay for new train systems in Turkey... yay and yes why would eu businesses pull out because of a political union? America hasn't. of course that is the only proff I can provide, you should read this it sums up tje debate, 51% want to leave out right, 79% want to stop immigration
Once again you pick figures out of the air. I asked you for a source for this 50 million and you were unable to provide one. There isn't much point making baseless points is there? At least have some evidence of your claims because it makes you look stupid. Also despite the fact you lack evidence for the point about the polls I'll tell you that not all Polls are correct, in fact they are often wrong. Also the whole point of Parliment is that they do the foundation work, the people your asking don't have a economics degree so you can't base the opinions of the majority as solid fact

Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
So, you want to invade the middle east to stop the terrorists who want to kill you for invading the middle east?
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