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Default Re: Shouls Britain join the Euro currency.

Originally Posted by britishboy View Post
exactly people who are pro euro or Europe are really narrow sighted
Loooooooooool, that's bollocks. Your being narrowed sighted, where I live there are over 3 million jobs provided by EU based firms, if we left so would these Jobs. Where would you get 3 million jobs from?

I'm not in favor of a single currency but I'm in favour of staying together and supporting other nations as they support us.

It amazes me how you can be pro NATO, an example of Internationilsm yet you want us to leave the EU. We're in recession, we don't have any money. 50% of trade will be gone if we leave, free trade treaties would not fix this

Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
So, you want to invade the middle east to stop the terrorists who want to kill you for invading the middle east?
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