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Default Re: Shouls Britain join the Euro currency.

Originally Posted by britishboy View Post
ukip is doing great and im for the free trade union just not the immigrants and us being told what to do.
How many MP's do Ukip have?

They believe climate change is a hoax, they are anti-gay adoption and they want to cut education by 55% percent along with massive tax cuts.

Free trade union ahah, if we're on our own we will lose all influence over Europe, what so we become part of America. It makes sense to be in with Europe. Immigrants do so much to help this country, so what if they are born somewhere else, it's anti-business to have a british only workforce. Farmers rely on immigrants to do seasonal work that Brit's don't want to do, my uncle employs about 20 romanian students who work for less than minimum wage for 12 hours doing lab work, he pays taxes, they contribute to the economy.

Brussels doesn't tell us what to, the laws were sign tell. Europe have to follow those rules as well. How you can support a fascist argument amazes me

Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
So, you want to invade the middle east to stop the terrorists who want to kill you for invading the middle east?
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