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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Let me take this opportunity, publicly, to remind you Alcon that you are not a moderator here and actually have no authority to warn me about anything.

My comments in response to your misinformation is NOT argumentative, I am not going to debate you or any one on the topic. However, I will also not stand by and have you (or anyone else) provide information that they are not requesting (or worse, misinformation) so that you can pursue that agenda of yours. I see my role here as (trying) to always provide accurate info, not to enter into debate, either on this topic/thread or any other. That's what makes you a zealot, Alcon, your responses here always represent your own needs (to save every foreskin), rather than the needs of the OP. The fact that you do it politely is very clever, but does not alter the fact that you are providing an opinion not requested, and info that is often erroneous.

To redirect this, again, let me state to the OP that the procedure is not a big deal, that you will not in all probability miss your foreskin, and if you have any questions, ask the doctor. The idea that doctors would not be knowledgeable on the latest medical treatments is absurd and patently wrong. And offensive to those who actually know MD's up close and personal.

We are now done with this.
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