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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Ever since I was in 2-3rd grade I had strong feelings towards guys. I was in the closet until 8th grade, thats when more and more people started to guess I was gay, and one day I was like fuck it, and came out of the closet on facebook, and word spread so fast. (231 likes, holy shit.) Alot of people supported me, but there were bullies. I wasnt like raped or taunted or anything. I was on;y called gay about 3-2 times. But theres a catch, Ive always felt that I was in the wrong body. I absolutly hated being a guy. So, about 3 months after I came out, I came out as a crossdresses as well. Once again, people accepted me, except my family. My mother wasnt the happiest person in the world, she didnt really like it but she let me do it. She tried to stop me and I said "You can have a relationship with me like this, or not one at all." and then she realized she better leave me alone. To this day, I still an a cross dresser and I plan to become a woman by the age of 25. (: But point is, I've always knew I was gay.
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