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Default Re: Circumsission (Might be in the wrong place)

Actually, not all doctors are aware of conservative treatments or how effective they are. That's just the reality. Doctors can't read every academic study on every subject. A lot of GPs were taught that circumcision is the only treatment, and still wrongly practice that. The fact is, save for a very specific conditions, it no longer is the preferred treatment unless the patient requests it specifically.

My intent is to save someone potential discomfort, trouble, risk and money. If he wants to have a circumcision instead of trying a less radical treatment, as I said, he should do that. It's not what I'd do, but it's an option. And I didn't advise him to do it himself. I specifically told him to "discuss these with your doctor."

If you want to further debate this, drop me a PM. Apparently you can't respect the moderators and OP enough to complain about things privately (as you've been asked by the moderators) unless you're prompted to. I think this counts as a prompt.


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