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And this is why political parties should never have been created...

Each of them are too extreme, and this all goes back to the Civil War. Certainly, for that era, extremism was the best, for it was the morality that ended the slavery atrocity. However, as more people entered, morality is no longer something that should cause judgement.

The Democrats have resorted to pure Bush bashing last election, and that's why they lost. However, the race was still pretty damn close, which was not a good sign for Bush's approval.

If only someone would come out, show that they were a moderate, and run. The way you can appeal to the majority of the people is by being moderate. There are some things that people can agree with Bush on, and some that they could've agreed with Kerry on (It was Kerry for me. It was either reforming SS, or Health Care, and I chose the latter). If someone could agree on the best of each of those, then they'd win.

However, I must agree with our first General. Political Parties are now working to become the Death of this Nation.
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