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Default [TIP] Practicing fast notes on strings

Hello everyone!

If you're having trouble with your string instrument and full-of-really-fast-notes peice, then this is the right thread for you.

For my recital, I decided to push my self and pick concerto no.5 which has an amazing ending full of consecutive 16th notes. I was having alot of trouble getting all the patterns and learning them because it changes and it's hard to keep your left hand and right hand cuordinated(sp?). So, I talked to my private teacher and she told me to try and do this... Instead of doing them all sixteenth notes, try making a different rhythm. What she told me to do is (since I'm actually doing this peice twice as fast as I'm supposed to) do the first note an eigth note and then do the next note a 32nd note. So it's like a slow note and then a fast note, sort of like a jazz rhythm. Keep on doing that throughout the whole fast part of the song and then go back to doing it normal and it's SO easy!

Hope I helped
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