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Default Re: Circumsission (Might be in the wrong place)


Originally Posted by SamWam View Post

Im 14 and I'm uncut and I only recently discovered that my foreskin is supposed to go back. I went to a doctor about it and he's put me down to be circumsised and I'm concerned, if not worried about it. Who's had it done? What's it like? Does it hurt etc. etc.
You've already gotten some good answers about circumcision as a treatment. I've heard varying answers about recovery time. Best case scenario was a few weeks with only mild discomfort. It is a surgery, though, and the average seems to be an average of short of a month of no sexual activity (including masturbation). Some guys get luckier, while some get unluckier.

If it were me, I'd look into more conservative treatments first. Not every doctor is fully aware of them, and they are at least worth discussing first. There's no reason not to - you might be able to clear up the problem without surgery, and for a lot less money and discomfort.

The steroid cream mentioned clears up the vast majority of cases. Unless you've been diagnosed with a specific condition called BXO (and oftentimes even then), circumcision should not be the first treatment attempted unless you want it to be for a non-medical reason. There is even a more conservative surgery (called preputioplasty), which is somewhat safer and has a faster recovery time, that you should research.

In any case, discuss these with your doctor, and maybe get a second opinion, before you finalize anything. That is, if you'd prefer something a bit less radical than a full circumcision.

Originally Posted by SamWam View Post
Also, on the tiny bit of my [part of penis under foreskin] that I can get to, it really hurts when you touch it and its really red. Is that ok?
It's fine. The area underneath has never been exposed and it's very sensitive. Once you're able to retract your foreskin, you'd be able to desensitize it by running water over it when you bathe.

Hope this helps.


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