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Default Re: Circumsission (Might be in the wrong place)

Originally Posted by SamWam View Post

Im 14 and I'm uncut and I only recently discovered that my foreskin is supposed to go back. I went to a doctor about it and he's put me down to be circumsised and I'm concerned, if not worried about it. Who's had it done? What's it like? Does it hurt etc. etc.

Also, on the tiny bit of my [part of penis under foreskin] that I can get to, it really hurts when you touch it and its really red. Is that ok?

hey, another Sam!

I was cut at 14, how can i help?

It isn't as bad as *some* will make it seem. You'll be really sore for a while, but not terrible, you'll have meds to help. more?

The part under your 'skin that's sensitive is that way because it's been covered and never exposed, so for you it's sorta like an internal organ, which, because THAT'S never been touched, will pain if done so! It's red for the same reason, and if you're looking at the frenulum (part that attaches the foreskin to the underside by the top), it looks red when stretched because of the underlying blood vessels.

If your doc has determined that circumcision is the treatment of choice, you probably should pull or otherwise mess with it.

Let me know if you need more info. I'm the only one here who has gone thru this.
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