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Default Hide My Hands

I did NOT write this
and I can't remember the name of the authur if anybody knows please post it
I keep reading it over and over and over
I wanted to share it with you guys......if thats wrong...I'm sorry!

I hide my hands behind my back
So no one else could see
The blood and tears have stained my skin
The guilt burns holes through me
I dreamed that you came up to me
One of my dark, cold days
You put a finger on my lips
And softly to me say...
"My dearest love, look in my eyes
Why do I see such pain?
The guilt I see inside of you
should not be contained."
A single tear slides down my cheek
No other sign shows through
I put my hands where all could see
I could not lie to you
You smile with understanding
And wash the stains away
it seemed so effortless to you
To wash such sins away
But alas, I awoke from my dream
The stains are still on me
So I hid my hands behind my back...
Not even you can see

I just realised I posted this in the wrong fourm.....sorry
havin a bad night
heads real foggy

can someone move it to creative writting please

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