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Originally Posted by maximan
Originally Posted by cosmos
Originally Posted by maximan
Just because we dont like a leader doesnt mean we dont deserve to be here. we have every right to complain, so deal with us living here.
you have every right to complain, but nothing is going to change the fact that bush is elected to office so you can complain all you want but it wont solve jack fuckin shit. Go move to Siberia you antiamerican fuck
Are you kidding me? Once again, just because I don't support my leader, that makes me anti american? And Siberia? What kind of a terrible decision to move to is that?

And yes, complaining does do a lot. Protests can go a long way to getting things fixed. See: Civil Rights Movement, and Vietnam. So stop being a fucking douche, and let me have my god damn beliefs without accusing me of being some sort of a burden to our country or something.
Not supporting our leader does make you anti american you twat. and i can call you all the names i want because calling people names is empowering and shows emotions like anger. oh and btw the reason i suggested you move to siberia is because its the shittiest place i could think of at the moment hehehe. and also protesting never solves anything ever. the civil rights movement was a fucking movenment that consisted of millions of oppressed peoples, hardly something to compare to radicals walking through central park.

George Bush Loves You. Have a nice day!
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