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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I think I actually realized I was bi last year and still struggle with accepting it because of my religion and what not. But I have openly admitted to most of my friends, my mom, and even my youth pastor that I have liked guys before in my life and in fact I feel one of them was the only person so far I can say I actually loved I think I still do to sometimes. But anyways back on topic.
I feel I shouldn't be to surprised as I liked my first guy in 8th grade (Im in 12th now) and I've also found guys just as if not more attractive as girls since the 3rd grade. I also (although trying to stop) watch more gay or bi (two guys, one girl) porn than straight porn.
So I guess I've always been, but I didn't realize until I was 17 that I could be/am bi.
I like girls for a relationship, but more guys are hotter than girls. But I try not to think of either sexually because im trying to wait till mirage for sex, but when I do have fantasies its usually with a guy.
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