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Originally Posted by maximan
Originally Posted by cosmos
instead of trying to make you open your eyes popo, im just going to completely ignore your post and pretend it isnt there. maybe if you were to say something logical in the future ill handle it differently
His arguements are a lot more logical than yours.
Give me a break! More logical??
im not a "radical D"
Of course your not Mike.
he used to be a drug addict
No he was not. He did smoke pot, but he was not an adict that tried to get his fix everyday. And considering that over 1/2 the US has tried drugs, you shouldn't be surprised.
economic depression
No, he is not. Every country has their ups and downs. Right now, we are in the down. Look at Japan. They were the economic capital of the world between 1950-1992. Then they went into a slump. Not a depression, a slump. That is what we are in. a LITTLE slump.
he just wnats to have a safe supply of oil in the country
the untited states will be very weak when oil becomes unfeasable
Like i have said before, Bush has seen the need to switch the country to Hydrogen and he is currently doing that. He has just given 1.3 billion dollars to jump start technologies in that field. There is no need to worry.
youre gonna sit here and suck bushes cock till the end, even after hes gone there will be too big of a mess to clean up, but youll sit here thiknking the president will solve everything, ill just laugh at you when im talking to you form iceand and youre complaining baout all the poroblems over here.
I wonder what you would be saying if Kerry was elected.
Who is keeping you in America? Go live in Iceland. Be my guest.
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