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Hi JoYofPepSi2003
Thanks for your welcome.

You're more lucky than me then, I've been blessed with neither.

20 million people. O.O; that's alotta people.

Their is fields and hills around the horizon where I live, but apart from that, their a small pieces of land dotted around but they are always over-taken by stupid kids on motocycles.

Yay police car, I'm surprised. Wow, you live near BroadWay! I saw that on T.V looks pretty cool.

I'm supposed to be doing my homework write about now actually, but I'll leave it till tomorrow, then probably the day after so on so fourth. I have my G.C.S.E's next week. but only like 2 more weeks of school left in total. **Dances.**

Hmm, I don't go to main stream school either, I'm in a smaller school like building with only 10 students, I got bullied alot at high school so I refused to go.

I can't remember how I come across it actually, I know I lurked for some amount of time and now here I am.

~My crappy comic~

You could poke someones eye out with that!
I do believe in sliced bread, I do, I do
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