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Originally Posted by Nikko`
Older the wiser, well, at least in most cases.

I can't wait till I am older actually, I don't know why.

Yes, I guess, but I wonder what percentage of the populations rats take up!

I guess it would be a rather awesome sight at night, I would love to visit the big apple when I am older, forgetting about all my negative comments of courser. . . I guess being run over would be a high-light in a trip to N.Y.

The U.K? Hmm, It's fine I guess. Nothing special going on at the moment. I don't leave in the most country like area of britain so I can't really describe it's natural beauty, although I will try from my window. . .

Hmm, cement, brick, a few tree's dotted around the side-walk, houses on either side of the street, group of kids climbing up a street light, beautifull sights.
That’s so true . Intelligent and wise are two totally different things . I am intelligent but have not yet been blessed with wisdom 8).

Well, I have not really seen rats around to much Although I do know that we have a little over 20 million people living in New York 8).

Is there a lot of land and mountains over there . Don’t worry you’re neighborhood sounds 100 times better than mine . Let me look out my window and describe it for you:
. Gas station.
. Broadway (A popular street).
. A gray park .
. Buildings to my left.
. Buildings to my right.
. Oh and there goes a police car .

And to the back of me is my computer room/ family room where I am supposedly doing my “School work” . yes I am home schooled 8). It has it’s advantage . I’m usually on VT from the second I come online to the last minute when I turn the computer down at midnight .

I found this place by searching for depression and I haven’t let go of it since . How did you come about this site Do I even want to ask Hehe J/K
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