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Older the wiser, well, at least in most cases.

I can't wait till I am older actually, I don't know why.

Yes, I guess, but I wonder what percentage of the populations rats take up!

I guess it would be a rather awesome sight at night, I would love to visit the big apple when I am older, forgetting about all my negative comments of courser. . . I guess being run over would be a high-light in a trip to N.Y.

The U.K? Hmm, It's fine I guess. Nothing special going on at the moment. I don't leave in the most country like area of britain so I can't really describe it's natural beauty, although I will try from my window. . .

Hmm, cement, brick, a few tree's dotted around the side-walk, houses on either side of the street, group of kids climbing up a street light, beautifull sights.

~My crappy comic~

You could poke someones eye out with that!
I do believe in sliced bread, I do, I do
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