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Originally Posted by Nikko`
Hello Cristina...
Nice to see someone near my age.
I hope you have a great birthday.
New York? Hmm, they don't make it look that pleasent on T.V over here showing it as gun fire/traffic noise going off 24/7 crime spree's, graffiti, steam coming from drain pipes everwhere.

You have indeed made me feel welcome, and thank you for you offer to help/chat with me, I appreciate it.
Hehe . You will find that a lot of people on VT are indeed around our age . We have a few old farts J/K but everyone’s wonderful .

Thanks for the birthday comment . I'm not looking forward to getting older . I like my age just the way it is now .

Umm New York , no it’s beautiful . No problems here. Looks like it came out of a story book hehe. There is indeed a lot of crime, traffic, noise, pollution and graffiti . You name a problem, we got it! We are a little crowded so I guess that is expected . New York City is amazing though 8). The lights and sky scrapers are lovely to look at . Although you can’t stare to long or else you’ll be run over . It’s a big money making state.

How is it over in the U.K.
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