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lmfao, i wouldnt trust you if you were my leader, id move to another country asap. im not a "radical D"
im just a person who sees the truth. bush has a below average iq, he used to be a drug addict. anything intelligable that comes out of his mouth was written by someone else. if he doesnt have somehting prepared already to answer your question, hell start tyring to bs about it, there are many articles and videos showing what happens when he has to answer an unexpected question. and he is plummetting us into an economic depression, the thign were there for is to secure all the oil we possibly can, he htinks th answer is to get more oil, he doesnt give a shit about anyone, he just wnats to have a safe supply of oil in the country so he can live therst of his pathetic life without worrying, leaving a crisis behind in the country. the untited states will be very weak when oil becomes unfeasable, we will be a very weak country, youre gonna sit here and suck bushes cock till the end, even after hes gone there will be too big of a mess to clean up, but youll sit here thiknking the president will solve everything, ill just laugh at you when im talking to you form iceand and youre complaining baout all the poroblems over here.
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