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Originally Posted by Hunter_Steel View Post
So by that logic: I am weak minded, my family is weak minded and all my friends are weak minded?

Sorry for stepping on your toes here but. Are you out of your mind?! If you ask me, religion makes a mind strong and gives a person who sees they have no purpose in life a purpose. It gives hope to those that have none, and it brings people together.

I have common sense and decency. You clearly lack respect for other people's beliefs. If you ask me, atheists are the weak minded. 80% of all suicides in the world are done by people who don't have a religion.

Religion tells us that there is always hope and where there's a will there's a way. There's always a silver lining, and people are better off with it than without it if you ask me. It separates people? Sorry if I am wrong about this but... What separation has it caused? Sure Muslims and Christians hate eachother. But not all do. I have quite a few muslim friends who don't follow the laws in the Qur'an that talk about killing for the sake of Alla because our society today doesn't permit it.

My aunt is a Buddhist. And the rest of my family is Dutch Reformed.

We're all very strong people. So yeah, saying religion is for the weak minded is calling nearly half or more than half of the Earth's population weak minded.

Jeez, didn't need your life story there, but it appears it is a tad bit late for that. So anyway, you just supported my earlier comment by saying, religion makes a mind strong. By saying that you are implying that the person's mind was weak when they found religion. While the mind is weak it is easy to manipulate by authority figures, such as, oh I dunno... your precious little god, the christofascists ( if you don't understand what it means, don't come to false conclusions and use common sense), and the catholic church. But wait there's more! I declare shennagans on your false percentage!

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