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Such Notions as if u dont support the US as a whole u should really sad.....We have the right of freedom of speech....So just because I dont agree with everything the US does....doesnt mean I have to leave....

The US is a powerful nation, but with that power, comes hatred......Countries hate us......I hear people saying that they hate us because they're jealous of us, give me a break.....We are savage and cruel to our own people. The Violence in this country alone is Outstanding.

You guys make it sound like living in a country such as Canada is so bad, but why is it..

Canadians could say what they want.
They have a terrific economy
its not a Violent place to live, hell I was watchin Bowling for Columbine, and Michael moore was lookin at the TV, and on the news it said: Breaking News: New speedbumps installed.....that is breaking news....that is astonishing.

I Know im older than you guys, and that doesnt mean I could tell you what to do.....But I have learned alot in High school, some of you are just 14-15 years old, dont have any clue, what the hell is goin on, because your still learnin about our countrys history. I advise you guys to READ A BOOK, just read a book, and you'll find out truths about the US.

US is a great country because of our freedom....but look at hhow people view us.

For the Bush supporters, why do you support him?

I mean, since hes been in office the United States Dollar sank for a 5th year in a row.

we are in a deficit
people are losing jobs.

I might be wrong, but I dont think you guys know what its like for a parent to lose a job, due to the economy.....or know people whos parents lost their jobs and still are struggling to find one, working temps. I dont think u guys see that first hand. it is due to the economy.

how is it that we go from a 5 billion dollar surplus when clinton was in office....but when Bush gets in office, where in a 2.6 billion dollar deficit...he spent the extra money, he spent our Budget...and then he borrowed money from our countries.....I dont know if u guys know this, but the United States of America borrws money from other countries, to the pint where we owe a combined total that are in the trillions....I just dont get it......

We spend so much time in Iraq trying to liberate there people, when Bin Laden is still on the loose.

Who are we to liberate them....We call saddam a tyrant, but I dont hear people critisizing Bush for killing innocent people under the death penalty, when he was governor in texas.....Did any of you evaluate any of those things.....

The main reason why people re elected him on office was because of abortion and gay rights......check it if u dont believ it...that was what peopel worried about more......from preventing gay marriages and to see if abortion is wrong.....When we are billions in debt...and a war that we're not supposed to be in.

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