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Originally Posted by Mathew404 View Post
i am only 13 years old. My dad owns a bar. Durring the last months i have been putting vodka in water bottles and taking them to school so when i go to my friends house, we can get drunk. The neaxt morning i am very sick and feel like i never want to drink again, but when friday comes around, i feel like getting drunk. The first time i got drunk, i was 13 and me and my friend had 13 shooters, becasue we were 13. I always throw up and i am lossing weight. How can i stop?
it ultimatly is completely up to YOU to stop, there is no "trick" to stopping anything, you just have to stop drinking it, and then after that, you will have stopped, but its a tough mental deal to deal with... I would look for things to do every friday that doesnt allow you to have alchohol, then your time will be occupied by something fun, and you wont need alcohol to enjoy yourself.
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