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I belive in Allah (God) as we call in In islam , I belive in that higher power that rules the world and control it , I belive in islam because it belives in other celestial religons and in islam you won't be a real muslim until you belive in all other prophets like Jesus christ and Moses and David ...etc and there books (bible and so ) my prophet Muhammad was a peace spreader and he never used war except when muslims were attacked and Muhammad was never agressive even he was forgiving his Jewish neighbour who was throwing rubbish in front of his house.
All the religions that say that there is one god (Allah) are true but yhey were modified by the religion men as in Christianity whrn the monks hid some verses of bible and never shared them and some modified them to be suitable for their desires.
I want to say, that islam is true religion that was never modified tell now and it is the religion of peace and forgiveness but some poeple dont understand it right and just use violence as a weapon to spread islam and this is very stupid and wrong
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