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Originally Posted by maximan
Tell me one way the US is better than Canada.
I don't have to. I don't know much about Canada, in fact, I don't know much at all. However, I know enough to know we got it good.

Originally Posted by maximan
And I'm not saying the US completely's a GREAT country! But it's starting to get worse and worse.
Then leave if you don't like it. If Canada is soooo much better, get out and go there and, please, don't come crying back.

Originally Posted by maximan
And yes, I have actually listened to that song...50% of my school is raging rednecks, and sadly I'm friends with a few of them. I'm not just BSing, I know what I'm talkinga bout.
You have no idea what you are talking about. Listen to that song, and I mean really listen. I listen to country music and you have no idea what Toby Keith is doing.

See, I hate ignorance.
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