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Originally Posted by Clayton Bigsby
Good things about George W. Bush:

On September 11, George W didn’t get afraid!!!

He found and put in jail thousands of arabs living in America, to protect us from getting atacked again.

He went to war with Iraq and has killed millions of the terrorists that caused September 11 that were living in Iraq and being payed by Sadam Husein.

George Bush also went to Iraq and made sure that there were no WMD's (Wepons of Multiple Destruction). Now that we know there are no WMD's in Iraq we can all feel safe.

George W Bush has voted in congress to lower the taxes we pay to the government. It’s unfair that we have to pay TWENTY percent of what we make to people working for the government. That money shouldn’t go to those people, it should be used for us to have a better economy.

The second commandment of the constitution says “We have a right to bear arms.” (that means we can have any weapon we want so we can protect ourselfs) and president Bush supports that.

George W. Bush is pro-life (which means he doesn’t like abortions) and will vote in congress to stop them from ever happening. God says to make all human life precious and the killing of any life (like in abortion) is against God’s law.

George W uphoalds the death penilty and will execute men who break laws.

George W Bush has proposed an amendemnt in congress to not allow gays to marry. Gays don’t deserve the right to marry because the bible says marriage is between a man and a woman ONLY!
First of all, George Bush wasn't even in Washington when September 11th happened.

Second, not everyone is a terrorist. That's discrimination. Just because someone comes from the Middle East, does not make them a threat to America.

Bush went to war killing terrorists, but he also got hundreds of Americans killed.

He falsely accused Iraq of having weapons of mass destruction, then randomly invaded, finding no weapons at all.

People need money to survive.

If we need weapons to protect ourselves, wouldn't Iraq need their weapons?

People should have a choice whether or not they want to have an abortion. If a girl was raped, she probably wouldn't think highly of the child she was about to give birth to, and to save it and herself, might want an abortion. It's better than leaving it in an alley to die.

Why should people die for their wrong-doings? It's only normal to sin.

Not everyone believes what the Bible says is true. If they love each other, let them do whatever the hell they want. It's bad enough that people look down on them for being gay, why can't they at least get married and adopt children, and start a new family?

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